Jim Cummings


Jim has been a serial entrepreneur for 20+ years, and has founded businesses in a variety of industries including trade show exhibits, graphic design, multi-media production, and renewable energy. He has helped guide the progress of many more companies as an early-stage investor. With these retreats, Jim is combining his expertise in entrepreneurship, sales, finance, and human resources with his passion for business success and learning.



Ryan Heney

Director of Client Services

For over 13 years Ryan has been holding it all together for the staff, and our loyal customers. He is responsible for procurement and scheduling, and is the number one guy behind the scenes at Rosehill Cottage Retreats.



Lisa Cummings

Director of food and beverage

Lisa is our ‘master chef’. Rosehill Cottage Retreats combines her love of cuisine with her passion for entertaining. You will be treated to a truly remarkable culinary experience, served with skill and care.



Emma Cummings

director of communications

A recent graduate of Carleton University’s Department of Communications, Emma is responsible for our online presence, especially social media engagement.



Nan Wang

web master

Nan brings his many talents to the care and upkeep of this site.




Mike Massicotte

senior account executive

A recent graduate of Algonquin College School of Business, Mike is helping spread the word about Rosehill Cottage Retreats. He can answer any questions you have.


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