guest speaker

Jim Cummings

HOST- Rosehill cottage retreats


A serial entrepreneur for 20+ years, Jim has founded several businesses in industries including trade show exhibits, graphic design, multi-media production, and renewable energy. He has helped guide the progress of many more companies as an early-stage investor. With Rosehill Cottage Retreats Jim is combining his expertise in entrepreneurship, sales, finance, and human resources with his passion for business success and learning.


The Wealthy Mindset

The Right Work Ethic

Recognizing Social Styles

Get Over Yourself, Everybody’s in Sales

Negotiation Boot Camp

Kenneth Douglas

A highly effective builder and leader of teams, Ken has extensive experience of leading people in crisis response operations, including operating in high stress, complex, fast changing and intimidating environments. He has developed and led teams of 20 to units of 120, on operations in arduous, unstable, and often hostile environments around the world. Ken is also a double lung transplant survivor who has a zest for life, and a heightened appreciation of what’s really important - and what is not.





Power of Positivity


Lena E. Trudeau


Lena Trudeau is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nuage Cloud Strategies, a technology firm that provides digital adoption and government modernization advisory services.

Previously Lena served as a Senior Advisor for the Canadian Digital Service (CDS) at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Lena led the Amazon Web Services Public Sector business in Canada where she helped government, education, health care, and not-for- profit organizations find better, more cost-effective ways to serve their customers. Lena also led public sector global expansion efforts specifically focused on scientific computing, open data, and educating the next generation of IT professionals.

Lena served as member of the U.S. Federal Government’s Senior Executive Service. As Associate Commissioner at the General Services Administration (GSA), she was mandated to leverage technology to transform business operations.

Lena serves on the Internet Society of Canada Board and the Government of Canada’s Open Source Advisory Board.

Lena is a frequent commentator, speaker and advocate on government modernization, digital adoption, digital inclusion and women in technology. She is a two-time recipient of the prestigious Federal 100 award, and was named one of FedScoop’s Top 50 Women in Tech. She received a Master’s in Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Ottawa.

Follow Lena on Twitter at @ltrudeau.


Heather Bakken


Heather Bakken is the Deputy Publisher and VP Product & Business Development at iPolitics and teaches media law at the school of journalism at Algonquin College. She worked for CBC News for 16 years as an anchor, producer and reporter in Toronto, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. Prior to the CBC, she was Creative Director for the Radio Marketing Bureau. Heather has discovered the importance of purpose and perspective through overcoming major setbacks, such as partial paraplegia. Devoted to the spirit of volunteerism and community support, she is Vice-Chair of the Internet Society (Canada chapter) and a board member of  Women in Communications and Technology for the national capital region. She recently founded the Ottawa Debating Society and is a past President of the Toronto Debating Society. When she’s not working or debating, Heather loves to bike ride, play the viola and tap dance with her two left feet.

Dr. Dirk Keenan

DK stairs.jpg

Dr Keenan has spent over 3 decades practicing integrative medicine in Ottawa. His practice includes nutrition, stress reduction, rehabilitation, and performance optimization. His clinic in Ottawa boasts the most health disciplines in one location including chiropractic, massage, physiotherapy, holistic nutrition and naturopathic medicine.   


Work -life-health balance:  How to have it all

Seven causes of back and neck pain that you don’t know about

Happy Feet – Preventing and treating common foot disorders

Lynne Hamilton

Lynne Hamilton is a creative, results-oriented, business owner with a history of designing successful solutions to diverse issue and communications challenges. She has an impressive track record of securing significant investment and regulatory change from all three levels of government in the healthcare, high tech and telecom space. She has an extensive government background having spent seven years at Queen’s Park. She has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Lobbyists in the Hill Times.

She is currently the President  of the Internet Society Canada Chapter and helps to inform Canadians about how to stay safe on-line and the importance of ensuring everyone has access to the Internet. She is also the sitting past chair of Equal Voice; an organization dedicated to encouraging more women to get involved in politics.

She is the proud mother of two talented and politically active teenage daughters and enjoys performing in musical theatre in her spare time. 


What does modern day ‘privacy’ look like and how do we stay safe online? - The importance of maintaining a free and and open internet—and the importance of digital access and literacy. 

How to empower women to get more involved in politics

John Ivison


John Ivison is Ottawa Bureau Chief for Postmedia (Citizen, Gazette, National Post) and has been a political columnist on Parliament Hill for 15 years. He is currently writing a book on Justin Trudeau, for publication next year.


Federal Politics

Sally J M Douglas


Principal Operations, Earnscliffe Strategy Group

A solutions-oriented leader with a team-focused and entrepreneurial mindset, Sally brings over 20 years’ experience in business development, project management, marketing and team building. Her diverse background – spanning the construction sector, talent recruitment management, nursing and most recently growing a leading Canadian news service – contribute to her wealth of creative management excellence.  Sally excels in building strong and diverse business teams in competitive markets. She is a recognized leader in business strategy, communications, sales & business development, human resourcing, and both crisis and event management.

Sally is the Chair of the WCT-NCR (Women in Communication & Technology – National Capital Region) where she created and launched a national mentoring program, and is currently working on the development of a communication initiative called Her Words Our Wisdom, focused on helping women progress their careers through collaboration. She is also Co-Chair of the WCT National Annual Gala, is a Director on the Canadian Club of Ottawa board and is a member of the Ottawa Art Gallery Committee.



Changing careers and moving between market sectors

Overcoming Conflict in the Workplace

Sales and Marketing

Project Management and/or Communications

Jan Dorrell


Naturopathic Doctor, Vice President Keenan Health Clinic, practicing holistic health.


Alzheimer's prevention

Randal R. Goodfellow

Randall_Goodfellow (6).JPG

When asked what he does, because of an eclectic career and set of interests (business, finance, politics, agriculture, forestry, low impact buildings and civil infrastructure, science & technology, societal shifts, acting, and faith), he says that "he walks between the worlds of his interests and translates and then rides the elevator from the macro level of thinking to the kitchen table to help implement". With a small dose of dyslexia added in, which helps him to rapidly identify relationship patterns and causes and effect, he has for three decades provided executive leadership to companies, associations, organizations (predominantly in the renewable resource sector) to put together creative "not-expected" collaborative relationships.

Using the same eclectic background Randal has set on numerous boards. Currently he chairs the "Faith and the Common Good Foundation"; with chapters across Canada the organization helps faith organizations adjust to their new role in society, including the regeneration of their very significant real estate portfolios' to better serve today's common good.

Randal is a very happily married father of three adult children and a grampa of one. Randal is in his 'cause noblesse' (noble cause) phase of his career / life. In addition to consulting he owns and operates an eco-retreat centre and a commercial maple syrup business.  


The Age of 'Cause Noblesse': Are you there yet?

Social Innovation: Emerging Business / Societal Relationships

Faith Post Religion / Post Modern Faith - new expressions

Tom Johnson


Tom's a serial entrepreneur who has started and sold 3 successful technology businesses.

The elevator pitch: I'm a marketing expert, problem solver and an excellent communicator. I make businesses better and more profitable.

Tom had the privilege of working side-by-side with Ottawa's top entrepreneurs.  He sold his first company to Terry Matthews and Michael Potter invested in his second.  He has coached and mentored dozens of start-ups, worked for and with Venture Capitalists and helped launch Entrust.

As a speaker Tom presents insights on what makes business succeed and fail.  He shares experiences across a wide range of business from high technology to craft breweries.  And he does it with personal experience and humor.


Why understanding your customer is critical to your business - How you can make loyal customers and maximize retention.

Why mentors are the new consultant.

Winning strategies are all about focus - How to zero in on the right tactics with the most impact.

Insights learned from Ottawa's most successful entrepreneurs - What did Matthews and Potter do that led to unbelievable success?

Jason Smyth


Jason has over thirty years’ leadership and organization development experience. He has demonstrated skills in group and individual coaching, learning program design and facilitation, conflict resolution as well as structured group process facilitation. Jason has worked with both private and public sector clients in areas such as business and sales strategy implementation, business culture change, brand implementation, leadership and team effectiveness building as well as process and quality improvement. Jason is an experienced project leader and relationship manager.

Jason's goal is to help individuals and groups be their best — to build on their strengths and tap into their potential. Performance and achievement are natural results when people feel they are doing their best.


Leading Change - Gain insights into the dynamics and mechanics of change leadership.

Thinking Strategies - Learn how your approach to solving problems and making decisions affects your ability to collaborate with others.

Future Search - Learn about the Future Search process and how to enable diverse groups of people with a stake in an organization or community to plan their own future. Gain insights into how to bring a “whole system” into the room to explore past, present and desired future, as a back-drop to action planning.

Helen Spence

Helen is a seasoned executive who recently founded the Top Sixty Over Sixty. This social innovation was created to celebrate, educate and amplify the positive impact of older Canadians.   Her focus on an entrepreneurial/learning mindset combined with research on optimism and positive psychology has inspired participants in courses and workshops. All original programming is rooted in research and in practice. Her certification in Emergenetics, a psychometric tool that reveals individuals' preferences and realizes their potential, drives personal and professional results and has served as the basis for numerous entertaining team retreats.

As a respected facilitator and motivational speaker, Helen is also a strong performer in multicultural environments with the ability to gain trust and build rapport quickly among those with diverse backgrounds, interests and life circumstances. She is fluent in French, German and Spanish.



Optimism-Reframing your thinking

Paradigms, Mindsets and On-PurposeTraits

Creativity and Problem Solving


Re-setting “old”

Sarah has over 15 years experience consulting and communicating with Canadians, which has allowed her to provide strategic advice from both a political and a stakeholder engagement perspective to clients from a variety of sectors. She has provided advice to cabinet ministers, the Liberal Party of Canada, federal and municipal governments, and leading corporations and associations.  Her knowledge of the political landscape and her depth of communications experience make her a strategic asset.

Sarah holds an honours bachelor degree in social science (specialization in political science) from the University of Ottawa, which included a one-year international exchange at l’Université de Picardie. She is a member of the Algonquin College Public Relations Program Advisory Council and National Capital Region Women in Communications and Technology (WCT) Board Member.  She also sat on the Famous5Ottawa Committee as the Communications Chair and was presented with the Ontario Government’s Leading Women and Girls Building Communities award.  


Purpose –  finding purpose from my career. 

Career Risk - leaving a traditional career for a start-up, going from a known to an unknown sector.

Navigating Career - from a woman’s perspective

Sarah Bain

James Scala has worked the past 16 years for the Federal Government holding various posts in the field of emergency management ranging from strategic planning, operations, recruiting and training medical professionals for a deployable medical teams, to leading preparedness activities for the Public Health Agency of Canada focused on risk and capability assessment, emergency exercises, and developing quality improvement through lessons learned.  Central to his experience has been building and leading high performance teams with a constant senses of a dissatisfaction with the status quo and a passion for excellence.  He is an experienced public speaker and facilitator with over twenty years experience with a speaking style that marked by candour, plain language, and humour.  

He is a single father of two energetic and precocious young girls, an aspiring author, outdoorsman, and fledgling adventurer. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Philosophy and Political Studies from the University of Guelph.  


Building Teams and Leading Them to Excellence

Effective Public Speaking and Facilitation 

Leading in times of turmoil and uncertainty 

James J.H. Scala

Guillaum W. Dubreuil

With a solid background in public affairs, international affairs and in government relations, I possess a strong capacity for analysis and reaction to current events. I use my management experience to efficiently execute all tasks at hand, which has often allowed me to successfully take on challenging situations. My experience stems from holding various positions in the political field, in international development, in public affairs and in government relations roles. My strong analytical skills, negotiation tactics, presentation skills and resourcefulness, combined with effective communications and media skills in both English and French, allow me to successfully deliver results in the various public and international affairs projects I take on.


Public Relations

International Affairs

Government Relations

Meredith Berriman

Meredith has been with the newly opened Ottawa Art Gallery for 3.5 years as the Strategic Initiatives Manager. She managed the capital campaign to raise funds for the new OAG doubling their target and raising $5.2M; She helped with the transition into the OAG’s new building 5x their previous size; started the OAG’s new venue rental program and prior to this she worked at TELUS managing their corporate philanthropy in Ottawa


All Things Philanthropy

Tracy Lamb


Tracy has been helping people reconnect with who they are and live a life they love for over 30 years.  As a communications professional motivating shifts in attitudes and behaviours related to health and wellbeing; as a Reiki practitioner supporting peoples’ individual healing process; as a birth and death doula supporting both ends of the life transition experience; as a caregiver and caregiver advocate and as a community volunteer working with seniors and building welcoming communities; and as a mediator, life coach and a photographer, all roads in her life lead to connection, reconnection and the joy and richness that result from individuals and organizations achieving a clear sense of what makes them unique and how to leverage that insight and gift to make a difference.


Exploring, discovering and articulating your CORE GIFT . . . every person has one . . . it's key to who you are and how you engage with life . . . at home, at work and in your community. 

The ‘VILLAGE EFFECT’ (the need to feel a sense of meaningful connection / relationship) has been identified as the single most significant factor influencing our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing as humans – on par with our need for food and water

Find Your WHY -- Everyone has a WHY. Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.

Customer EXPERIENCE vs Customer SERVICE - engaging your customers in a way that will differentiate you from the competition and keep those customers coming back. 

MINDFUL COMMUNICATIONS - Poor communication is the root of all hardship, whether that be in your professional or personal life. It’s no coincidence that good communicators are highly successful.

The Art of NETWORKING -- what great networking is all about, why and how it's vital to your business, how to become better at it, and have some fun in the process

PRESENTATION Skills -- Presentation Zen:  how to plan, design and deliver presentations like a pro -- and avoid the dreaded 'death by PowerPoint’[if !supportLineBreakNewLine][endif]

BRANDING (personal brand, product and/or business/organization brand) - how to define, become and promote it


Bill Lauf Jr.



For over three decades, Bill has worked in the events/trade show marketing industry.  He was the corporate sales trainer for Skyline Exhibits, Inc. from 2000-2013 and has had his own consultancy since 2014.  While he has trained in consultant selling, social style, negotiations, presentation skills, advanced discovery and customer service, he also creates and delivers seminars on trade show marketing to exhibiting companies in the US and Canada.  Bill also writes, performs and records his own songs and often brings that performance dynamic to his training.



Elements of Effective Web Meetings

Presentation Skills

Communications Methods and Media Workshop (using LEGO™ model builds)

Persuasion Through Stories and Metaphors