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What would happen to your profits if you could increase your team's productivity by 10%?

Part perk, part learning, your Rosehill Cottage Motivational retreat combines a getaway to a beautiful setting, with training to improve your team's performance. Motivational seminars presented at an exclusive lake house just 35 minutes from Ottawa, Rosehill Cottage retreats are designed to reward and inspire your team. Attendees will enjoy gourmet cuisine, a spectacular view and grounds, and come away refreshed, invigorated and with some great ideas on how to take their career to the next level. The day concludes with a boat tour of one of the most beautiful lakes in the region; or during the winter months, drinks by a crackling fire.


We asked ourselves why. Why are some people so good at what they do? Why does it look so easy when they do it? Why do they seem happier than most people? Why do some people get what they want, when they want it? Why do other people respond to them so positively? Why are some people just so darned lucky? Why. 

There are no big secrets as to why some people do better than others. But, there are some simple lessons that can be learned and adopted that can help you get started on a path to self-improvement, in your career and in life. 



Why a Retreat?

There are lots of places you can go for motivational training. Given the choice, we thought it might be better to do it in a nice environment. Why not take a day to invest in your career, improve your skills and knowledge, away from the office at a cottage on a lake, with nice people and great food? Why? Why not?


Combine motivational learning with a refreshing and relaxing environment.


Meet like-minded professionals, and make some great contacts.


Invest in your own career, or the careers of those you supervise.


Tour one of the most beautiful lakes in the Ottawa/Gatineau region.  


“Luck plays a role in success, but you can stack the deck.”

Jim Cummings  |  Entrepreneur/host


Why Rosehill Cottage Retreats?

As an entrepreneur, Jim Cummings has founded multiple companies in a variety of industries, in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. As an early-stage investor he has funded many more. Along the way, Jim has been a frequent volunteer and guest lecturer at Ottawa University, Algonquin College and several high school business classes. Jim has also been a member of and contributor to Invest Ottawa, the Entrepreneurship Centre, as well as several advisory boards. For his own businesses, Jim has hired and trained over 150 people. 

This retreat brings together two of the things Jim is most passionate about – business success and learning. The goal is to have you leave well informed, and with some new ideas about how to approach life, and your career. We believe you will profit from the experience, otherwise we wouldn't do it.


What People Are Saying


Comments from recent attendees:

"Great content, great atmosphere, amazing food, presentation on content was very good too."

"The space was perfect to cut the fat and get down to business while providing space for creative ideas to flow."

"Great setting conducive to learning. Jim is a great facilitator and has a commanding presence."

"Informative, terrific setting."

"The yummy yummy food! The space - incredible! The sessions - engaging!"

"Jim and Lisa were amazing. They were friendly and made us feel at home. Food was delicious, surroundings were beautiful and the content was very relevant and provided insight for future business planning."

"Amazing event. I will share with others."

"Overall, an effective and informative session."

"Awesome Job!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day."

"What an incredible day!"


The venue

The venue is the Cummings family's lake house, Rosehill Cottage. You'll stroll the acres of forest, breathe in the white pines, dip your toes in the clean, fresh water at the dock (or take a dip if you are so inclined!), savour some gourmet cuisine, all the while enjoying a fun-filled day of learning. Your adventure will end with a boat tour of one of the most beautiful lakes in the Gatineau Hills, and drinks on the dock. You are our guest for the day. 


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